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Dusan Turajlic
Dusan Turajlic

B U G Mafia 5000 De Zile Zippy

B U G Mafia 5000 De Zile Zippy

B U G Mafia is one of the most popular and influential Romanian hip hop groups, formed in 1993 in Bucharest. The group consists of three members: Tata Vlad (producer and DJ), Uzzi (rapper) and Caddillac (rapper). They have released 10 studio albums, one EP, one compilation album and over 30 singles, becoming the best-selling Romanian hip hop group of all time.

One of their most successful songs is 5000 De Zile (5000 Days), which was released in 2011 as part of their ninth studio album Înapoi în viitor (Back to the Future). The song is a tribute to their long and prolific career, as well as a statement of their loyalty and dedication to hip hop culture. The song features catchy beats, powerful lyrics and a chorus that invites the listeners to celebrate with them.


The song has over 44 million views on YouTube, and it is widely regarded as one of their best songs by fans and critics alike. You can listen to the song on Spotify, or read the lyrics on Genius. The song is also available for download on various platforms, such as Zippyshare, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

If you are a fan of B U G Mafia, or if you want to discover more about Romanian hip hop, you should definitely check out this song. It is a testament to their passion, talent and longevity in the music industry. As they say in the song, they want another 5000 days of making music and entertaining their fans.


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