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How to Use 3MLE to Create and Convert MML for Archeage

There are now two versions of 3MLE available. One is for Mabinogi, while the other is for Maplestory 2. They do have different instrument lists, and different .DLS sound files so please make sure you download the appropriate version for your needs.

This sets the octave of all notes played after it is set. It only affects notes in one section. It is always followed by a number which is the actual octave it is being set to. If it is not set, the octave will default to 4. It is possible to use octave 0 or o0, however it will not register in 3mle.

download 3mle

Download apk:

To set up 3mle you will need to download a extracting software such as winrar, and download 3ml. (see 3ml editor tab)Make a new folder on your desktop (or desired area) and open the 3mle download.Click the "extract to" button and then find and click on the new folder you made.

In 3mle you can import mmls written in Mabinogi format into 3mle or export mmls into Mabinogi format.You can do this by clicking one of the icons below the help button.The red one being export and the green one being import.

You can change the time of your mml by clicking on "File" and then "properties" or press F8.After doing that you click on the arrows beside "Beat" to change the Time.You can only change the time setting once in 3mle.If you need to change it multiple time per song it is recommended to do so in multiple 3mles and then add it back in later via copy pasting.(I'll get into the importance of time later)

Optimize is a tool that is by default used in 3mle, it is listed under track and is near the bottom.You can also use CTRL+SHIFT+Y to optimize all tracks at once.It will cut out midi notes and text from the song.Such as "Measure 1 = L8eeee".It also shortens any text into a more compact size making it so you use less characters. Ie. e8e8e8e8 > L8eeee

Synthesia are visual videos that show notes being played, you can find a lot of them on youtube.It is very similar to the way 3mls player looks. However instead of the notes going from top (high octave) to down (low octave) Synthesia's go Left (low octave) to right (high octave). To convert them to 3mle all you need to is copy the notes from the video into 3mle.The notes are normally NOT listed in the videos though. So I recommend using the Keyboard tool to copy out notes.The only note that is normally marked is "c4" which is marked with a dot on the key.

Sometimes Synthesia's use Time, It will not affect how the song sounds.Time determines how many beats can be played within a Measure. Such as 3/4 time, where only three beats will play in one measure.Using Time will reduce stress greatly because you can make it so that your measures match up in 3mle and in the video.Time can also only be changed once in 3MLE so if it changes again you would be better off doing it a separate 3MLE window. However most Synthesia's have a one to three measure gap before actually starting the song. Be sure to take this into account when writing songs using this method, will save lots of time and stress.

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For best results when experimenting, use along side 3ML Editor 2 (3MLE), which can be found below in the MML Editors Section. I have also created a special file that details all the notes as well as a short rundown. You can download it here. Be sure to run the .mml file with 3MLE if you wish to experiment anything on your own or simply want test anything found here or on the file.

A popular editor is 3ML Editor, often referred to as 3MLE. An editor that works extremely well, being able to compose and edit in real time. You can view and download the official update here. The website is in Japanese, with a few English text here and there for navigation, and it functions just fine. The only problem is...the last update was June 22nd, 2008. This means 3MLE is poorly outdated for exporting a Song line if you need it. 3MLE also has an English patch built into it, as well as user updates, if any. I have yet to come across an updated program that can export the song line in addition to Melody, Harmony 1, and Harmony 2. However, there is a workaround (See below).

Unfortunately during the maintenance I realized that I made a mistake a week back or so with some of the file storage. Some of the older MapleStory2 song listings were using a different format for the MS2MML file download than we currently use.

When I download the 3MLE editor, it's always in Korean. anyone know how to change it to english, or download an english version? >

i dont know if the instrument table is up to date in the 3MLE download provided by aloe to include an entry for the physis tuba (i personally manually added it) but as long as your msxspirits.dls that 3MLE has loaded up is up to date with the latest dls pack provided in mabinogi (and it should be if your 3MLE always looks for it inside the folder you installed mabi) then the physis tuba is in your list even if you dont see an entry called "physis tuba". its DLS instrument number is 19, which in the GM.dls pack is a "Rock Organ".


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