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Wara From The NBHD €? Slangin[Official Video] [NEW]

On "Slangin,'" Wara From The NBHD delivers a fair warning via his older brother: selling drugs is lame. You think I like crack? You think I like shootin' niggas? You think I like running from the cops like a loser, nigga? he asks rhetorically, while vignettes of scattered deals unfurl on screen in slow motion. The Brooklyn-raised, Atlanta-based rapper broaches the topic from multiple angles, which may explain why the video is such an arresting watch. Wara's Kidnapped is available now.

Wara From the NBHD – Slangin[Official Video]

Photographer, cinematographer and video director Lisa Leona shares with us a rare selection of decade-old photographs from her book Here I Am. Featuring the likes of the Fugees, Nas and Snoop Dogg among others, the photographs show the artists in angles and perspecives from before they were famous, capturing a sense of realism in ways we may not be accommodated to. Check out the pictures above and head over to HYPETRAK for the latest in the music world. 350c69d7ab


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